Reader Views 5-Star Book Review for Salmon in the Seine

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“…I’ve been reviewing books for a few years now and the first yardstick I use is whether, night after night, I want to keep picking up the book or not (as opposed to fulfilling the obligation of reviewing). I’m happy to report that it was the former; the details Comer provides about life on a working boat and the particulars of the lives of the fishermen (both on and off the water) were interesting and often quite entertaining. The story appealed: for instance, would a certain captain’s love of boxed wine lead to calamity? Would the narrator’s choice of work boots, different than his mates’, lead to problems? In short, I was happy to pick up the book night after night.” -Tim Scheduler, Reader Views Reviewer

Salmon in the Seine – October 2022 Book Tour

Salmon in the Seine – Launch Party!

The Salmon in the Seine launch party at the Pono Ranch in Ballard on May 20 was a blast! More stories and pictures incoming, but The People really showed up. Magical.


The day when I first heard of the hit Norwegian reality TV show Alt for Norge was pretty unremarkable. My folks passed me a The Oregonian article of fellow Beaver State native, past contestant, and absolute legend Tom Torresdal. The only qualifications were to be an American of Norwegian decent who had never been to Norway. The grand prize? A meeting with your estranged Norwegian relatives in the Motherland.

I applied with a hastily shot video of me cruising around Tampa Bay in my beat-up Catalina 27 sailboat home (Capias, 1973 vintage) and talking about my favorite snack (sardines). The online application led to an in-person audition in Chicago which led to the incredible experience of competing on Season 5 of the show in Norway.

The show takes the 12 Americans through an Amazing Race-style elimination adventure in different locations around Norway. Challenges vary from dressing up in bunads and singing traditional songs in front of hundreds of strangers to competitively gutting tørsk (cod) to cross country skiing.

The return to America was pretty surreal, a bit like leaving Narnia. I had the privilege of chatting with WUSF Public Radio about the experience. Here is the interview if you’re interested. Alt for Norge ran for a commanding 10 seasons and racked up all kinds of awards.

StoryCorps Tampa Bay

The StoryCorps interview bus stopped in St. Petersburg, Florida, when I was living there and working at On a whim, my coworker and pal Patricia Bailey and I walked in and shot the breeze. Wouldn’t you know, they actually made us hanging out and reminiscing into a StoryCorps Tampa Bay segment. You can listen to the interview here.

R/V Weatherbird II Oil Spill Science

I’ll never forget being a young oceanographer aboard the Weatherbird II of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP) for this BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill research expedition. I’m off camera here as Chief Science Officer Dr. Ernst Peebles is interviewed by ABC Action News. Little did I know at the time the data we gathered, especially the acoustic and direct water samples, would be some of the most important initial data findings of the whole oil spill saga.

I received official recognition from the Dean of Academics of USFSP as a volunteer watch stander for my time on this research expedition. I was also told data I/we collected was used during the oil spill litigation.